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Medical equipment and instruments

Traumatology and orthopedics

Bone cement Bone cement

Bone cements consist of two primary components: a powder consisting of copolymers based on the substance polymethyl methacrylate, and a liquid monomer, methylmethacrylate. These two components are mixed at an approximate ratio of 2:1 to form a polymethyl methacrylate cement. In order to make the cement radiopaque, a contrast agent is added. Commercially available cements use either zirconium dioxide or barium sulphate. The added colour makes the cement more easily visible in the operating room, especially during revision procedures. 

Bone wax Bone wax

Bone Wax is a sterile mixture of beeswax and isopropyl palmitate, a wax-softening agent, used to help control bleeding from bone surfaces. It can achieve local hemostasis of bone by acting as a mechanical barrier. It does not act biochemically and is minimally resorbable. Supplied in sterile 2.5 g packets.

Instruments Instruments

Instruments designed to aid in the reduction of various fractures such as: spiral, transverse, compound, oblique, or butterfly. Also can be used to secure a plate in place while the screw holes are being drilled and screws inserted. 


Retractor Retractor

Useful for retracting tissues around the bone. Can be held in place with weights or by hand. The radiolucent version is made of a lightweight carbon fiber material, which is completely radiolucent, helps to prevent from marring component surfaces, and can be steam sterilized.Designed to be gentle on tissue and very effective in holding back subcutaneous fat.

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