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Medical equipment and instruments


Circular staplers Circular staplers

The circular stapler is used in general surgery, thoracic surgery and in colo-rectal surgery. 

Compact construction and modern design concordant with modern standards ensure patient’s and user’s safety.

Hernia mesh Hernia mesh

Hernia mesh is especially designed for the tissues reinforcement in hernia repair through laparoscopic or conventional laparotomy surgery approach.

Hernia meshs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Linear stapler Linear stapler

The linear stapler is used in abdominal surgery, thoracic surgery and gynecology.

Generally, the stapler is used for resection of organs and tissues.

Polymeric ligating clips Polymeric ligating clips

Ligating clips are implantable medical devices made of an advanced polymer to ensure high level of biocompatibility together with structural and dimensional stability over time which is necessary for long lasting patient safety.They are designed to combine the speed of metal clip with outstanding security comparable to 2.0 suture. This combination leads to extreme time savings.

In a number of procedures Ligating Clips successfully replace endostaplers or harmonic scalpel binding the same security level with cost savings.

Titanium clips Titanium clips

The clips are manufactured of apyrogenic titanium which ensures proper level of biocompatibility. The applied technology guarantees the product meets the requirements of even the most demanding clinical institutes.

The product is offered in 4 standard sizes ensuring every user will be able to find appropriate clip for the given tissue. The clips are delivered in colour coded cartridges to ensure easy and intuitive identification

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