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Medical equipment and instruments


Instruments Instruments

A broad selection of quality instruments for almost any ENT surgery. Head and Neck Instruments are well-suited for performing a variety of head and neck surgeries, including thyroidectomy and parathyroidectomy procedures. Otology Instruments provide innovative tools for a broad range of otology procedures, as well as neurotology and lateral skull base surgeries.


Middle ear implant Middle ear implant

Artial prostheses have a unique feature compared to conventional prostheses: they imitate the natural contact of the incus-stapes joint. A precisely fitted, anatomically shaped bell transmits the sound directly to the stapedial joint surface instead of to the stapedial pedicle. Total prostheses are unusually delicate in design and allow the surgeon to perform the implantation under very confined anatomical conditions, such as those often encountered in the recess of the oval window. 

Nasal implants Nasal implants

Provides a natural looking tip and fullness to the nasal dorsum. Opens up the columellar labial angle. Thin, tapered wings drape over the dorsal sides for implant stability.

Ventilation tubes Ventilation tubes

An ear ventilation tube is a very small tube that’s placed in the eardrum. It’s also called a myringotomy tube, tympanostomy tube. Vent tubes let fluid trapped behind the eardrum drain, which helps prevent ear infections. The operation to insert a vent tube is very safe, simple, and quick. The ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialist or ear specialist makes a very small cut in the eardrum and puts a vent tube in one or both ears. The vent tubes cause no pain or hearing loss.

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