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Medical equipment and instruments


Clirdex Clirdex
Instruments Instruments

We offer a variety of ophthalmic surgical instruments in stainless steel and titanium.

Intraocular lens Intraocular lens

Artificial intraocular lenses, or IOLs, replace the eye's natural lens that is removed during cataract surgery. Implantation of a standard IOL is the best possible cataract treatment for those who do not mind wearing glasses after their surgery; however, it is not the best possible solution for those who wish to become more independent from their spectacles.

Ologen Ologen

Ologen® Collagen Matrix is a biodegradable and implantable ECM mimic specifically configured to support and modulate tissue repair processes in connective and epithelial ocular tissues. As a soft and pliable medical device, ologen® Collagen Matrix is highly absorbent and serves as a dynamic physiological reservoir system that can modulate the process of wound healing and restoration functionality with its ability to hold ten to fifty times its own weight in fluids. The host tissue-collagen matrix interaction may further optimize and stabilize the restoring structure and composition where damage, weakness, or laxity exists, hence creates a healthy and mature tissue structure by preventing scar formation with the help of ologen® Collagen Matrix.

Ophtalmic blades Ophtalmic blades

We offer wide variaty specialized disposable knives for ophthalmology. Quality defines two aspects: safety and mechanical properties that respond to the demanding needs of ophthalmologists. Mechanical properties include sharpness, strength and suppleness.  

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