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Medical equipment and instruments


Biopsy needles Biopsy needles

Various biopsy needles for a safe and painless  biopsy. - Ultra thin sharpened cannula with trocar stylet for a quick and painless percutaneous insertion and histological aspiration. - Internal (on the stylet) or external echogenic treatment for a correct positioning under ultrasound guidance. - Centimeter marking and sliding needle stopper allows an optimal penetration control. Ergonomic handle with grip, anti-slip surface. - Sterilized by ETO, shelf life 5 years.

Bone marrow aspiration needles Bone marrow aspiration needles

Bone marrow aspiration system with additional wings and optional ergonomic handle. The wings and the ergonomic handle allow a better grip during the procedure performed both in the sternal and iliac crest regions.

Breast localiztion needles Breast localiztion needles

The Wire System for marking suspect non palpable breast lesions consists of a localization wire preloaded in a puncture needle and a fixation clip. When introduced into the tissue,allows for optimal anchorage in the breast tissue. A distal depth marker positioned 2cm from the tip indicates the distance from the tumor and allows for a better orientation during surgery. The fixation clip is used to stabilize the wire at skin level.

Esophageal stents Esophageal stents

Esophageal stent is intended for maintaining esophageal luminal patency in esophageal strictures caused by intrinsic and/or extrinsic malignant tumors, and occlusion of concurrent esophageal fistulas.Stent placement usually requires both endoscopic and fluoroscopic guidances, but can be done with either modality safely. Most stents are placed distally and across the gastroesophageal junction, but proximal stent placement (which requires more precise placement) can also be performed.


Trephine biopsy needle Trephine biopsy needle

Bone marrow biopsy needle designed following classical and reliable features, in order to perform bone marrow biopsy in the iliac crest.

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