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Medical equipment and instruments

Obstetrics and gynecology

Electrosurgey accessories Electrosurgey accessories

We offer a wide range of single use and re-usable electrodes. Blade, needle, loops and balls. All are available in various lengths, sizes and angles. Blade and needle configurations also include 3mm insulated tips. The selection of re-usable electrodes are double insulated with fluorescent yellow undercoat so that any breaks in the insulation can be easily identified. Each electrode is supplied with electrode cap and unique identification number so that the sterilisation history can be easily monitored. 

Loop electrodes Loop electrodes

Wire loop electrodes, made from tungsten, offer greater control and increased durability compared to stainless steel. Tungsten wire resists breakage at higher power levels, while providing better control against flexing and bending during use. These fine wire loops minimize thermal damage and yield good histopathology specimens. 

Retractor Retractor

The Retractor provides excellent exposure and visiblity for vaginal procedures including vaginal hysterectomy, laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy and anterior or posterior colporophy. The same system can also be used for abdominal procedures.


Surgical instruments Surgical instruments

Providing solutions for classic open procedures, and because many clinicians perform a number of their cases laparoscopically, products dedicated to newer, more technologically demanding procedures are a growing portion of the product portfolio. Include specialized products for hysterectomy, pelvic reconstruction, and tubal ligation, as well as a full range of uterine manipulation devices, along with new additions in surgical site management.

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