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Medical equipment and instruments


Accessories for neuronavigation system Accessories for neuronavigation system

We offer and provide the necessary products for operation of the SonoWand including reflective marker spheres, radiographic markers, aquasonic gel, and sterile drapes.

Aneurysm clips Aneurysm clips

All Yasargil aneurysm clips are manufactured at A facilities in Tuttlingen, Germany under the control of experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen. Non-ferromagnetic, MRI-safe to 3T aneurysm clips and appliers available. Atraumatic clip blade surface prevents damage to fragile vascular tissue. Aneurysm clips are supplied sterile and ready to use.

Cranio cement Cranio cement

Cranioplastie cement is specially designed to be used in Neurosurgery, Maxillo Facial Surgery, ENT Surgery and Plastic Surgery for the repair of facial and cranial defects, of traumatic, surgical or tumoral origin.


Instruments Instruments

Neurosurgery develops innovative surgical devices and implant therapies for the treatment of various cranial, spinal conditions. We strive to bring procedural intelligence and smart instruments to surgery that enable intraoperative precision, visualization, surgical access, navigation, and imaging. These solutions assist in the areas of spinal disorders, neuro-oncology, deep brain stimulation, neurovascular diseases, CSF management or cranial trauma. All instruments are made of stainless steel and guaranteed state-of-the-art german precision cnc technology and craftsmanship. Instruments are made in Tuttlingen / Germany - the german center of excellence for medical technology.

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