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Medical equipment and instruments


Biliary stent Biliary stent

Biliary endoprosthesis set, disposable straight or curved, variuos sizes and lengths with stent introducer system.

Biopsy forceps Biopsy forceps

Designed with optimal cutting capability for superior sample acquisition. Single wire actuation provides smooth operation even in tortuous anatomy. Ergonomically designed handle provides greater comfort and ease of use. Combines optimal flexibility and columnar strength providing greater pushability and physician control.

Enterla feeding system Enterla feeding system

Enteral Feeding Tubes from offer advantages to your patients unlike any other feeding tubes available. 

  • Exit port is more than 300% larger than the internal diameter of the feeding tube, significantly reducing the occurrence of clogging.
  • The largest selection of adult, pediatric and neonatal feeding tubes to allow one-stop sourcing for all your feeding tubes hospital or system-wide.
  • Centimeter marks along the length of the tube aids in placement and to check migration
  • MRI SAFE (with stylet removed, MRI ≤ 3 TESLA).

Gastrostomy tubes Gastrostomy tubes

Gastrostomy tubes are made of medical grade silicone for comfort. They also come with an insertion kit for maximum insertion ease and are available in a wide range of sizes for maximum sizing accuracy.

PEG tubes PEG tubes

PEG gives a physician the endoscopically placed tube of choice for enteral feeding. PEG is made from polyurethane, which provides a larger inner lumen than silicone, and that maximizes flow and decreases clogging. 

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