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Medical equipment and instruments

Esthetic and plastic surgery

Instruments Instruments

Extensive line of specialty surgical instruments for use in plastic surgery procedures including scissors, retractors, fiber optic retractors. 

Cutting and coagulation electrodes in various diameters and for use with a wide variety of handles. Straight, angled, wire loop, oval, diamond, ball electrodes, and more.

Nasal implants Nasal implants

Provides a natural looking tip and fullness to the nasal dorsum. Opens up the columellar labial angle. Thin, tapered wings drape over the dorsal sides for implant stability.

Testicular implants Testicular implants

Testicular cancer represents between 1 and 2% of male cancers and is the most common in men aged between 15 and 35. Just like women in breast reconstruction surgery, a testicular implant allows men who have undergone removal of a testicle to reconstruct themselves both from a cosmetic and a psychological point of view.

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