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Medical equipment and instruments


Artificial heart valve Artificial heart valve

When heart valve disease progresses to the point that treatment by medicines does not provide relief from a patient’s symptoms, surgery to repair or replace the valves becomes the best alternative. If the surgery is not a repair, homograft or autograft, the choice is most likely between carbon-based mechanical valves and biological tissue valves.

The primary advantage of mechanical valves is that they will last a patient’s lifetime. Mechanical valves are preferred for patients with life expectancies beyond 10-15 years because they eliminate the mortality risk inherent in the replacement of a worn out tissue valve. The best mechanical valves, have excellent flow performance, rivaling that of the native valve even in the small sizes.

Instruments Instruments

Developing an ever growing portfolio for the supreme discipline of cardiac and vascular surgery. We support the skilled hands of the surgeon with high-quality instruments for perfect surgical work. We offer you selected solutions for every single surgical step.

Titanium clips Titanium clips

The clips are manufactured of apyrogenic titanium which ensures proper level of biocompatibility. The applied technology guarantees the product meets the requirements of even the most demanding clinical institutes.

Atraumatic hemostatic vascular titanium clips allow easy and comfortable handling due to the simplified charging system. The serrated inner surface, and the heart-shaped mold and still allow atraumatic but stable grip. Titanium provides a good MRI compatibility.

The product is offered in 4 standard sizes ensuring every user will be able to find appropriate clip for the given tissue. The clips are delivered in colour coded cartridges to ensure easy and intuitive identification

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