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Medical equipment and instruments


Carotid shunt Carotid shunt

Balloon Shunts are designed to minimaze trauma to the vessel wall and allow access to high lesions. One of the important challenges of carotid endarterectomy is to maintain good cerebral blood flow while reducing the risk of emboli from plaque ulcerations or vessel trauma. 

Embloectomy catheter Embloectomy catheter

Embolectomy and thrombectomy catheters defines a new level of performance, control and reliability among vascular catheters. The non-latex, symmetrical balloon maintains a cylindrical shape for improved clot management, while the shaft design ensures stability in the center of the vessel to minimize potential intimal damage. The flexible tip and traction balloon offer tactile feedback, while the balloon’s non-fragmenting design reduces the potential for distal emboli to enhance clinical outcomes.


Valvulotome Valvulotome

The Expandable Valvulotome is an innovative instrument that uses unique self-sizing, self-centering hoops for well positioned, clean valve cutting, decreased wound necrosis, and faster patient recovery.


Vascular prosthesis Vascular prosthesis

Full range of technically sophisticated vascular implants dedicated to replace or treat failing arteries and veins. Our offered vascular prosthesis meets a specific practitioner need, such as the new generation thin textile prostheses, which with their extremely fine walls  are comparable in their properties to natural arteries. They also contain no chemical agents, thus ensuring optimum implantation tolerance and perfect cicatrization.

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